Retrospring Branding Update

Retrospring has been around for quite a while, and we felt like it's time for a refresh. Our old logo, while good, felt a bit too sharp for us.

To freshen up our identity, we decided to commission the designer Kai Kwong to help us create a new brand identity, and today we can present you the results!

Without much more talk, here's our new logo:

New Retrospring logo

When we approached Kai, we talked about modernising and making our brand more friendly, handing over our old logo and website as reference materials.

In the initial sketching process, Kai then presented her idea for the new logo, the cloud with the combined spring line, paying homage to the “spring” part of our name and to Formspring, which back in the day also used similar shapes in their logomark.

This same idea was incorporated in the R, causing it to look more playful and incorporate similar shapes as in the icon. We absolutely loved this idea and decided to go forward with this.

Over a month, we and Kai shared feedback and ideas, refining everything, coming to the results above. It was a breeze to work with her and we are amazed by the results (and we hope you are too!)

The most prominent change on the website will be a new font selection: Variations of Lexend replacing Lato which the site used for most of its runtime.

Lexend font demo

We will work on rolling out the new branding to the Retrospring website during the next few weeks. The favicon and mobile icons as well as our social media branding will be set in a relatively short amout of time.

The font and logo on the site will be rolled out together with a larger design adjustment in the coming months!

In the meantime you can view the new assets and our branding styleguide on GitHub.